About Us

Balkansambel - Two words blended together, forming the name of the original group of broad-minded musicians, describe not only the subjective of their musical interests but also – through the wordplay – their approach towards music. Playing with music and stylistic of different music genres, various traditions, different periods of time, blending of musical motives and their conceptualized meanings, the joy from spontaneous creation spiced with unconventional approach towards musical thinking; all this can be found in the varied repertoire of this band.
Even though that Balkansambel draws inspiration mainly from the traditional music of Balkan cultures, it deals also with folk, classical and jazz music to a certain extent. Multigenre experience of its members enables them to mix seemingly incompatible musical styles. Flexible rhythmics of Balkan dances adds the original esprit to the music. What is more, the musical composition is refreshingly blended with free improvisation. Last but not least, the band uses most various exotic musical instruments typical for the Balkan and Middle Eastern music tradition. The Balkansambel band offers dynamic musical performance enriched with witty comments and remarks. Its performance will satisfy the high-stepping audience as well as the demanding one.

Marek Pastírik saxophone, kaval, gaida, duduk, taragot

Martin Noga trombone, bass trumpet

Andrej Rázga trumpet, flugelhorn

Peter Hrubý  accordion

Juraj Hodas  tuba

Viktória Pastíriková – clarinet, voice

Martin Králik – drums

Veronika Važanová – voice

Zuzana Burianová  – voice

Anna Kureková – voice

Manager Martin Noga +421 949 336 098 balkansambel@gmail.com